13 Nov 2020

projects: steno

Got a little practice in. I realized I’m not yet ready to fully drop the progress-tracking. My reasoning is that I’m doing this from at least 2 different computers still, and Typey Type doesn’t have user accounts, so if I want to track progress there I should copy the file down after every session.
Thankfully I was able to quickly build a CLI tool that will help me merge two JSON files into one, summing the values along the way. That should help in the task of saving the progress JSON at least.

I also remembered that because Georgi only has the two rows for my fingers instead of a steno machine’s standard 3, the third thumb button (on both sides) is my number bar modifier.
I wonder again how I might use the extra two pinky keys on the left side too, since I probably won’t need–wait…i’m not so terrible at georgi qwerty! [that last phrase only took several minutes to puzzle out, and even then i didn’t know all the punctuation keys]. Anyway, even while I’m doing steno I’ll want a way to hit arbitrary shortcuts. That’ll be interesting.