20 Nov 2020

projects: steno
tags: plover qmk

I adopted a nav/command dictionary that I found on the internet.

I have by now also read the section in Learn Plover! about dictionaries, so I feel well-equipped to start tabbing my way around.
The only real trouble is (on a Windows machine) I keep this repo checked-out to a directory in WSL2, which is not (easily) accessible from Windows, where I’ve installed Plover. Whoops.

Ok, I realized (again) that this will not solve all my nav use cases. I still need a way to alt-tab that either lets me hold alt while hitting tab any number of times (and sending those inputs individually, so I can see results), or I need a brief for “hit alt-tab twice in a row” etc, up to like 4 or 5 (the max number of windows I’d want to be open in a space anyway). Gonna try setting some of my own nav briefs for this.

<experiments with Alt_L(Tab Tab Tab) ensue>

I think this particular behavior is not something I can achieve with steno. Perhaps it is time to back up and take another look at the QMK symbol layer bound to my bottom left pinky key. Another night.