toggle switch guard print #1

18 Jun 2021

builds: Lander Module
tags: 3dp

I printed out the “space shuttle toggle switch guard”. In plating I selected the single guard then did “Add Part” to expand it to a row of 5. Then, in print settings I made sure to go into Expert > Infill and set “Solid infill threshold area” to 16mm^2. This ensures there’s a solid infill for the upright portions of the guard, extending just below the joint with the side plates. Overall, quality was pretty low, probably due to all the jumping around, and bridging. For the next attempt, I may want to re-model the holes for the switches, since the switches I bought are nowhere near fitting the holes as-is. I might also want to try a build in a different orientation? or with different infill options (was it really necessary to use solid, or to use infill at all?) Anyway, good first attempt!

Oh, for the second iteration I could avoid the 12-hour time by just printing squares with holes in, and inset the squares to the guard I have! CA glue will be a key part of the build anyway.

In other news, first Digi-Key order arrived and it is great! Lots of buttons to push and the joysticks live up to their name (especially the ball-top one).

For the next round of orders I want to try to get a large square button or two, for a “main alarm” function. These can be pricey, but with only 1 on the board I think it’s worth it. I also want to try out some “standard round” toggle switches, because I can print out the cover to make it look more spacey.