first done 3d print, first done code!

29 Jun 2021

builds: Lander Module

First tests are promising! I have completed a 3d-printed bracket mount for the digital joystick. I have also completed a short program that reads a single mom-off-mom toggle and latches an LED every time it goes up or down. I wrote it in Python, but my hopes are high that I can transcribe it to Go next. Some resources I should look into for that effort:

  • I have also ordered the 3rd round of parts from Adafruit and Digikey, and finished intake processing for the 2nd round. Upcoming experiments are:
  • write to a 14-segment timer/countdown display (using mission-start time, and also event-start time)
  • write to an OLED display, perhaps by putting a ship graphic overlaid on a landing zone graphic.
  • super extra credit: use an OLED display like an attitude gauge!
  • write a “main alarm” sequence, with buzzer When the 3rd batch of stuff comes in, I’ll be able to
  • play with I2C I/Os
  • vet some more toggle switches I should not purchase any bulk switches or buttons until after the second production meeting with Deeps, on 8 Jul.

oof, getting this first script done feels good. Hurdle over!

More thoughts, this time about upcoming 3d-prints:

  • should print a couple more joystick brackets
  • should print several more switch guards
  • should test hole size for m2 and m3 screws (for mounting PCBs on)