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'Tenet' project start

12 Jul 2022

projects: writerdeck
builds: tenet
tags: rpi sharp-memory solar thermal-printer

I’ve had an idea kicking around for a while, to make a raspberry-pi-based netbook. Two years ago I was playing around with thermal receipt printers for another project idea and I was also starting to learn stenography. I got the idea to build a netbook for stenography. Some kind of steno netbook. I’ve taken to calling it tenet. I regained interest in the idea when I saw the ShaRPiKeebo on CrowdSupply.Read More...

alphanumeric & 3d printing

25 Jul 2021

builds: Lander Module
tags: HT16K33 thermal-printer

Recent efforts have gone into getting the 14-segment alphanumeric display working. I first tried it with d2r2’s translation of the Adafruit library into Golang, but that proved a little frustrating. I then pivoted to’s experiment, and that worked much better. I do have to wrap it in some logic for a few reasons: out of the box, it panics in certain situations related to the decimal I will need a single interface that ends up controlling multiple ht16k33 devices (as in a 6- or 8-digit display) I will likely need to implement scrolling text I may or may not need the interface to control a whole line of nearby displays (as in the case where there are two 6-digit timers, but sometimes they work together to scroll a long string) But I got the test (ht16k33Test) to work!Read More...

Project start, core principles

17 Jun 2021

builds: Lander Module
tags: thermal-printer

A couple weeks ago Dr Professor asked me if I want to build a thing for Caravan Rally (happening this October). So far we’ve been talking about a “lander module” experience. Here are some parameters: it should be fun, engaging and diverting it should involve 2-3 people working together it should last about 5 minutes it should entail the operators landing a spacecraft it should be able to answer the question “how well did the operators land the spacecraft?Read More...